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Cone Materials

The P.Audio Design consists of 18 inch, 15 inch and 12 inch models. Each model is optimized for very specific applications and each model has very specific cone composites designed to achieve specific performance parameters.
The P.Audio Design 18 inch models utilize a carbon fiber composite that Is designed to provide extremely high strength and excellent strength to weight ratios. Thousands of ultra thin carbon graphite fibers are blended into a strong mechanical geometry during the forming process of the cone. The carbon fiber matrix used in the 18 inch P.Audio Series models was developed to insure a very strong cone geometry and provide rugged and durable operation when very high input electrical power and very high acoustical output power are specified. The 18 inch P.Audio Series models were designed for use in very high output subwoofer applications.
The P.Audio Design 15 inch and 12 inch models use cellulose composite that features very high internal mechanical damping. This high internal damping provides excellent time domain response, particularly through the critical vocal fundamental range by controlling mechanical and acoustical vibrations within the body of the cone. Both the P.Audio Series 15 and P.Audio Series 12 were designed for use in two way sound reinforcement system designs where vocal fundamental intelligibility is critical.

Cone Composite Technology (CCT)™

P.Audio Design brings high performance and high technology to professional audio components. The P.Audio Design™ of low-frequency transducers offers many new innovations that combine to produce extremely high intelligibility and accuracy.

Cone Composite Technology (CCT)™ represents an advance in loudspeaker cone technology. All loudspeaker cones use mechanical vibrations to produce acoustical signals. The mechanical vibrations that produce acoustic signals also produce waves inside the cone itself, and these waves can act to reduce the intelligibility and accuracy of the acoustic signal by interacting with the basic cone vibrations. These additional vibrations will cause cancelations and distortions. These effects can be heard in almost all loudspeaker cones as reductions in clarity and fidelity.

Cone Composite Technology consists of a new combination of materials that yield very high internal mechanical damping. This high internal damping substantially minimizes the destructive energy inside a loudspeaker cone and results in a remarkably high level of sonic integrity and clarity. The acoustical waves produced by the cone are the pure vibrations that are a more faithful reproduction of the input signal. The negative mechanical energy in the cone composite is controlled and reduced by the unique combination of fibers and materials found in CCT based cones. The P.Audio Series™ incorporates Cone Composite Technology into many of its high performance designs. Cone Composite Technology cones both look and feel different. This technology represents an important improvement over conventional loudspeaker cones. The unique look and feel is an indicator of the high level of sonic performance that this new technology will provide.

Our research into the fundamental principles of loudspeaker performance has resulted in the P.Audio Series of high performance loudspeakers. We have combined many new technologies that all work together to produce a truly world class level of performance and sonic accuracy. The P.Audio Series of low frequency professional loudspeakers are a true step forward in transducer performance and Cone Composite Technology is a big part of that advance.

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