About P.Audio

Leading brand in professional audio components and systems.

Our Story

The Chen family started the business as a voice coil manufacturer in Taiwan back in 1976. After 15 years of specializing in this core component of loudspeakers, Steve Chen, founder of P.Audio, decided to build his very own loudspeaker and found P.Audio in Thailand in 1991.

Over the years, P.Audio has earned its reputation for making high-quality products and accessible price. The brand has well-established distribution network around the world and supply to many of the world’s leading pro-audio brands.

Key Developments


  • Produce speakers for car audio and professional audio
  • Start vertical integration and produce steel parts in-house


  • Focus on building our own speaker wooden box and in-house designed speaker systems
  • Start OEM for European audio brands


  • Develop comprehensive vertical integration
  • Expand production to include wooden box, metal parts, plastic injections, and laser works for rigging parts

2020 onwards

  • Develop production methods that allow us to produce more powerful products